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This website is dedicated to software for aluminum smelting. The software helps you to answer questions or to solve problems of every day aluminum production as well as of research and development. For this purpose you use interactive web pages or PC-programs that you may download and install on your computer.

Interactive Web Pages

On the interactive web pages you carry out calculation and investigations using your internet browser. You do this to solve your special or every day tasks concerning aluminum smelting. There is no need to download and install program files and you don't have to worry about keeping the software up to date.
Please see AlWeb Introduction.

MS Windows Programs

Several MS Windows programs are available that determine production values or optimal parameters for aluminum smelting. With this software you investigate production and consumption data or you determine the optimal setting of the cell voltage or alumina feeders. Interactive graphic user interfaces show the reaction of the electrolytic cell to changing input values.

Android Apps

You can download several Android applications that are dealing with aluminum smelting questions and problems as the corresponding interactive Web pages and MS Windows programs. You take advantage of the benfits of tablets because of their small weight tablets are portably and comfortable to use especially at conferences, for instance. They are also a very effective learning and teaching tool.


The theory web pages contain the basic equations and all the other relations that the interactive web pages, the MS Windows programs and the ANdroid Apps are using to solve their tasks and problems (see Theory Contents).


On the Literature web pages you find the reference of the publications, books or other printed matter mentioned in this web site. An author (name index) and a subject index helps you to find a wanted literature (see also the Info page).

This website contains several interactive web pages (AlWeb). On these pages you execute evaluations and optimisation calculations concerning the Hall-Héroult electrolysis cells to produce aluminum.

Introduction to AlWeb

Table of Contents





Plant Data

Electrolyte Properties (ASPX)

Electrolyte Properties (HTML)

Cell Voltage

On several web pages you find the theoretical background i.e. the ideas, methods and relations AlWeb, AlPrg and AlApp are using to execute their task. The website contains also the corresponing literature references.

Table of Contents

Basic Features

1. Principles Hall-Héroult

2. Mass Balance

3. Properties of the Electrolyte

4. Cell Voltage

5. Energy Balance

Advanced Features

6. Current Efficiency

7. Raw Materials

8. Cell Operation

9. Fluoride Evolution Model

10. Environment, Emissions

Examples, Exercises


You find on the web site a reference of the literature authors (name index) and a subject index.


Name Index

Subject Index



Project News

Certified MS Windows Programs

We have published some MS Windows programs on Microsoft Store. The user may install from there Microsoft certified programs on his computer. In this way we avoid certifications problems of programs directly downloaded from this web site.
Please read the instructions how to download and install HHCellVoltStd pdf , for instance, or visit directly the Download Page that contains the corresponding links.


For several years CellVolt, a MS Windows PC program, was used to investigate the influence of several parameter on the cell voltage like cell layout (dimensions of anode table, targe current intensity), operational factors (electrolyte composition and mass) and electrolyte properties (temperature, gas bubbles under the anode). CellVolt lets you optimize these parameter, for instance, concerning energy consumption or heat loss.
HHCellVolt is a new improved version of CellVolt that contains in addition to updated program items (treating Ampere Creeping, for instance) a completely new feature namely the investigation of electrolysis cells with Four Anode Rows (Lit.).


The new Extended Energy Balance considers in addition to the electrolyis reactions, heating of alumina, anodes and the internal busbar system (Basic Energy Balance) events like anode change or reactions like anode airburn, electrolyte vaporization or alumina phase change, etc. See the corresponding diagrams and the detail values.

Extended Energy Balance

Please look at the web pages of the HHCellVolt user's guide.
Please read a little pamphlet about HHCellVolt. The few pages explain shortly the features of the software especially concerning the Extended Energy Balance pdf.

Process Visualization

Using the feature of HTML5 and JavaScript interactive several web pages were developed that simulate the behavior of an Hall-Héroult electrolysis cell. See, for instance, the feeder web page that visualizes the alumina feeding process. On this web page first you create an opening in the top crust of the electrolysis cell by using the crust breaker. Then you activate the alumina feeder to add a defined amount of alumina to the cryolite electrolyte. Please visit the corresponing web page to test these visualization features.

feeder animation

Please have a look at the Process Visualisation web page. You find there information of other web pages and short animation of the results of simulation programs.

The Download Page contains links to the Microsoft Store to download certified MS Windows programs and to the Google Play to get the corresponding Android applications.

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