Web Pages and Software for Aluminum Smelting

This website is dedicated to software for aluminum smelting. The software helps you to answer questions or to solve problems of every day aluminum production as well as of research and development. For this purpose you use interactive web pages or PC-programs that you may download and install on your computer.

The Cell Schema web page shows the Structure of an Hall - Héroult Electrolysis Cell. This page should acquaint you with the construction of such an electrolysis cell.

cell schema

The main idea of this page is that the page shows part of the electrolysis cell and you place the item at the right place. You do this by dragging the right anode, for instance, to the alumina hopper as the next figure is showing. Hitting the Move Item button helps you to find the right place.
You start with the Play button a short animation that shows and moves the cell items.

right anode

Please visit the Cell Schema web page.

Using the feature of HTML5 and JavaScript a interactive web page was developed that visualizes the alumina feeding process. On this web page first you create an opening in the top crust of the electrolysis cell by using the crust breaker. Then you activate the alumina feeder to add a defined amount of alumina to the cryolite electrolyte. Please visit the corresponing web page to test these visualization features.

feeder animation

This Web Site is under Reconstruction!


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If you are interested, please look at this crumbling exercise.